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Types of Paramedics

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At Essex-Windsor EMS we employ 2 levels of Paramedics:

  • Primary Care Paramedics (PCP)
  • Advanced Care Paramedics (AC)

Primary Care Paramedics

To qualify as a Primary Care Paramedic, you must:

  1. Complete a 2 year Paramedic program at an approved community college
  2. Pass a 6 hour Provincial Exam (A-EMCA) to become certified as an Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistant
  3. Obtain and maintain Base Hospital certification in Symptom Relief and Defibrillation
  4. Participate in ongoing quality assurance and continuing education programs (CME's).

Advanced Care Paramedics

To qualify as an Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP), you must:

  1. Demonstrate excellence at the Primary Care Paramedic level and accumulate a minimum of 4,000 hours of field experience
  2. Successfully complete a selection process, including written and oral exams
  3. Participate in ongoing quality assurance and extensive continuing education programs
  4. Complete 800 hours of Advanced Life Support Training, which includes the following:
  • 6 week instructive session
  • 6 week hospital clinical portion
  • 10 week field preceptorship
  • 12 week field consolidation period where the new Advanced Care Paramedic must work with a senior Advanced Care Paramedic before receiving final clearance to practice without direct supervision.