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Subdivision and Condo Approvals

Essex county planning map

Application and fees

This application form must be used if the County of Essex is the approval authority for the proposed plan accompanied by the required information and fees.

Plans of Subdivision/Condominium

Application is required when:

  • 4 or more new lots will result
  • there is a need for service extension

The County only approves plans of subdivision and condominium that comply with the Official Plan and local Official Plans.

Approval requires that the development will have:

  • public utilities
  • power
  • street lighting
  • water supply
  • sewage treatment
  • storm drainage

Condominium Conversions

The County of Essex discourages converting rental units to condominiums to protect rental and affordable housing. The County considers condominium conversions only if the rental housing supply is not reduced.

Further Information and Guidelines