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Roundabout at County Rd 23 and County Rd 8

The County of Essex is pleased to announce the opening of a new multi-lane roundabout in Lakeshore. 

Located at the intersection of County Road 22 and County Road 2, this new facility will improve traffic flow, ease congestion, and make it easier and safer for drivers to navigate this busy intersection (PDF).

The County of Essex also has 2 single lane roundabouts in operation:

  1. County Road 31 and Road 3 intersection
  2. County Road 8 and County Road 23 intersection

Characteristics of a Roundabout:

  • Low speed on approach
  • Approaching vehicles yield to traffic within roundabout
  • Vehicle drives counter-clockwise within roundabout
  • Low speed on exit
  • Continuous movement of traffic

As roundabouts are relatively new to the network, additional information related to how roundabouts work and how to drive a roundabout can be found at the following websites: