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Road Planning

The County of Essex works in partnership with the Province of Ontario and the 7 area municipalities to put planning policies in place. These policies guide decisions related to how our community grows and develops, including our social, economic, heritage and natural environments.

  • The Essex Windsor Regional Transportation Master Plan (EWRTMP) was completed in 2005 to address the transportation needs projected to 2021.
  • The Regional Transit Study was completed in 2011 to identify opportunities for a regional transportation system in the Essex County Region.
  • In addition to the management of Environmental Assessments, the roads planning department plays a key role in the capital budget process through programming the timing of road improvement projects.
  • Active Transportation Planning was completed in collaboration with local area municipalities and partner organizations. The County Wide Active Transportation System (CWATS) master plan was adopted in 2012 and sets our policies and guideline to support walking and cycling. The County continues to update and promote the website and is committed to a marketing and outreach program to encourage more people to walk and cycle in the Essex Region.

If documents are required in various accessible formats, please contact the Engineering Office.