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Planning and Development

Planning map of essex county

Development is thriving in Essex County. The Planning Department guides the County's growth and protects its resources by maintaining the vision set out in the County of Essex Official Plan (PDF).

The Planning Department upholds the County Official Plan and its vision by:

  • Advising County Council on land use, economic development and strategic planning
  • Providing information and resources to our municipalities and citizens
  • Developing policies of land use
  • Approving local Official Plans, part lot control by-laws and plans of subdivision and condominium.

Site plans

Local municipalities prepare and approve site plans.  The County also comments on site plans on properties that abut County Roads.

When a County Road is affected, all existing and proposed driveways, setback distances and traffic circulation must be approved by the County, and where required, appropriate permits must be obtained from the County.

Zoning by-laws, consents and minor variances

Local municipalities are the approval authorities for Zoning By-laws, minor variances and consents from local by-laws. The County is a commenting agency.

Public Consultation

Essex County Agricultual Lot Size Analysis  is available for review and public comment.