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Frequently Asked Questions - Roads

Frequently asked questions of the Roads Department

 My mailbox was damaged in the winter. Will the County repair it?

Unfortunately, during the Winter Control operations, sometimes mailboxes are damaged by the snow being thrown off the plows. The mailboxes are an "allowed encroachment" within the right of way and the County assumes no responsibility for these installations.

  • If the damage to the mailbox is the result of a piece of equipment physically striking the mailbox or post, we will supply the property owner with a replacement mailbox or post for them to reinstall, up to a maximum of $50.00.
  • If the damage is the result of snow being thrown from the plows, the replacement is the responsibility of the property owner.
  • To report Mailbox damage visit our Report a Road Problem page.
During the winter, a lot of stones were thrown onto my lawn. Will the County remove stones?
 As we clean the edges of the road and the shoulders, sometimes the blades will cut into the stone and push it into the grass. We attempt to minimize these situations by adjusting the depth of the plows, but unfortunately it still occurs. We do not have the resources to clean up the stone and would ask for the property owner's help in removing the stone if required.
Does the County clean or cut 'cattails' in the roadside ditches?
We have an annual ditching program to deal with drainage improvements. If the roadside ditch is a Municipal Drain, it is under the jurisdiction of the local municipality. We cut vegetation along public roads to maintain visibility; however we do not clear vegetation for aesthetic purposes or at private driveways.
Will the County repair my driveway culvert?
Driveways and associated improvements such as culverts, headwalls and ditch enclosures are the responsibility of the property owner. The County assumes no responsibility for private access. If the ditch is a Municipal Drain the local municipality will have jurisdiction over the ditch.
How is "roadkill" dealt with?
In 'urbanized' areas, the local municipality will repsond to the situation. In the 'rural' areas, the County will dispatch a crew to remove the animal. Response time will vary, depending on the degree of the hazard and the availability of crews.