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Environmental Assessments

County projects must meet the requirements of the Environmental Assessment (EA) Act. The Municipal Class EA applies to most of our road projects. The projects are categorized into Schedules based on their potential environmental impact. The higher the potential environmental impact of a project, the more detailed the process to be followed to fulfil the requirements of the EA Act. An important part of the EA process is public input.

Stages of a Project

There are typically 3 stages in every major transportation project:

  • Environmental Assessment: An EA is a planning process that considers and manages all environmental impacts and includes consultation with potentially impacted parties and members of the public. There are 5 Phases in the EA process as identified on the EA Flowchart.
  • Design: Contract drawings and tender documents for the project are part of this stage.
  • Construction: The construction stage is the start of implementation, when the process of building or assembling the project has begun.

Current Projects

Past Projects

Environmental Assessments completed by the County of Essex can be obtained from Reports and Publications.