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EMS Operations

EMS Patch

At Essex-Windsor EMS, we have a team of 260 paramedics who work hard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide top line pre-hospital emergency medical care.

Our paramedics are highly skilled and extensively trained. They are led by 11 District Chiefs who provide 24/7 front line support and guidance. Behind the scenes, is a team of dedicated individuals from various departments including Fleet, Maintenance, Scheduling, Administration and Management. This team works together to ensure the service runs smoothly and effectively.

In keeping with the Ambulance Act of Ontario, Regulation 257/00, Essex-Windsor EMS provides Basic Life Support (BLS) by a Primary Care Paramedic (PCP), and Advanced Life Support (ALS) by an Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP). Essex-Windsor EMS also adheres to the response time standard of 2 minutes for emergency calls and 3 minutes for non-emergency calls.

Our ambulances treat and transport over 36,000 patients per year.

Essex-Windsor EMS is fully equipped to provide a wide-range of services. We also work with the community to provide education and awareness to the public.

EMS tentWe work closely with local police and fire services. Essex-Windsor EMS is fully equipped to respond to any nature of call, including large scale incidents and disasters. They can include incidents ranging anywhere from mental health concerns, child birth, physical trauma, cardiac arrest to motor vehicle collisions.

In 2013, Essex-Windsor EMS responded to over 36,000 medical calls, not including transfer calls, cancelled calls, 'no service' calls and standbys.

Call statistics

The following graph reflects the transport priority percentage for Urgent (highest priority), Prompt, Scheduled and Deferrable:

Return Priority Pie Chart showing percentages of calls

For the year 2013, our paramedics also made 32 successful life saves and delivered 6 babies!

Emergency room wait times

View the wait times for both Windsor Regional Hospital campuses.

The Emergency Room wait times are updated hourly. They can change quickly depending on the urgency of patients that arrive. Patients are seen in order of need with more critical patients being seen immediately. Essex-Windsor EMS utilizes the same triage system as all hospitals.