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EMS Fleet and Equipment


Essex-Windsor Emergency Medical Services (EMS) uses the latest in front-line vehicles and equipment. We consistently strive to stay progressive with our equipment and tools to ensure quality patient care, as well as guarantee the utmost safety for our patients and paramedics.


Essex-Windsor EMS Fleet department is responsible for the regular maintenance of our 53 vehicles and equipment. Our fleet consists mainly of ambulances, but it also includes the following equipment:

  • Emergency Response Units
  • Specialized bariatric and hazmat unit
  • Logistic van
  • District Chief vehicles
  • Administrative vehicles
  • Special event vehicles.


Essex-Windsor EMS uses the most state-of-the art equipment and tools. One example is the LUCAS® CPR machine. This equipment performs perfect hands-free CPR when administered. Our service also utilizes hydraulic stretchers, up-to-date cardiac monitor/defibrillators, stair chairs (which allow us to safely bring patients up or down stairs) and a Hover-Mat and Hover-Jack system.

We also utilize a variety of communication tools, including radios, cell phones and GPS systems.



Emergency Response Unit

First Response Unit

Special Operations Unit

Special Operations

Logistic Van

Logistics Van

District Chief Vehicle

District Chief Vehicle

Special Event Vehicles

Special Events Vehicle

Administration Vehicles

EMS Ambulance