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EMS Divisions

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Essex-Windsor Emergency Medical Services (EMS) can be broken down into 3 main divisions:


Essex-Windsor EMS is responsible for providing all ambulance coverage for the entire County of Essex, City of Windsor and Pelee Island. With over 260 paramedics, 11 District Chiefs, 3 Deputy Chiefs, a Chief, and a valuable support team, Essex-Windsor EMS is able to provide the highest quality of care to the citizens of Essex County.

Professional Standards

The Deputy Chief of Professional Standards manages the Professional Standards Division. The goal of the Professional Standards Division is to ensure that Essex Windsor EMS consistently delivers high quality patient care. We do so by utilizing continuous quality improvement processes. The division is consistently monitoring, evaluating and providing feedback on the care and services that our Paramedics are providing on a daily basis.

The Professional Standards Division oversees the following:

  • Legislative compliance
  • Information requests
  • Certification
  • Paramedic training and education
  • Improvement strategies
  • Statistical data collection and analysis
  • Investigations and audits are all an integral part of the Professional Standards Division.

Using electronic ambulance call reports allows analysis of call data and implementing necessary changes or training accordingly. This, along with other assurance processes, assists us with our commitment to continually develop our level of care and ensure that we meet or exceed the current standards of care for the Province. It also provides an opportunity to give positive feedback and recognition to our Paramedics.

If you have a Paramedic concern, please contact the Professional Standards Division at 519-776-6441.

Planning and Physical Resources

The Deputy Chief of Planning and Physical Resources is responsible for this department. Planning and Physical Resources is responsible for the following:

  • Consolidated planning and research functions
  • Management of major capital and special projects
  • Oversees all EMS facilities, technologies, equipment and vehicles.

Assisting the Deputy Chief of Planning and Physical Resources is the Equipment Maintenance Supervisor. He is responsible for the management of vehicles, equipment and facility maintenance. He is supported by a Vehicle Services Technician and Logistics Technician. This team provides routine maintenance on all fleet vehicles, as well as ensuring that all vehicles and bases are fully stocked and serviceable. They also ensure that all paramedics have the tools they require to perform their daily duties.