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Deputy Operations

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Ryan Lemay, Deputy Chief of Operations

Ryan Lemay, Deputy Chief of Operations is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the service. He ensures that paramedic crews deliver quality patient care to the residents of Essex County. Ryan has served with the Essex-Windsor EMS service for over 12 years working up the ranks in a number of capacities.

Ryan began his emergency service career path in 2000 when he graduated with the Pre Entry Firefighter Program from St. Clair College. He continued with his education at St. Clair College and completed the Paramedic program in 2003. Immediately out of school, Ryan began working for Essex Windsor EMS, Sunparlour and Sunparlour Chatham-Kent, as a Primary Care Paramedic. With his drive and passion to serve the community he successful obtained a firefighting job with Tecumseh Fire and Rescue Services.

Ryan takes an active leadership role with the Essex-Windsor EMS Special Operations Division which specializes in HazMat and CBRNE disasters. The primary focus of this division is to bring specialized medicine and care to unique and challenging situations.

Wanting to secure himself as an asset to the Emergency Services role, Ryan set out to advance himself and obtained his Bachelor of Applied Business in Emergency Services in 2008. This peaked his interest for further professional development and management. He continued with his education and successfully obtained a roll within Essex-Windsor EMS in both their Professional Standards Division and then their Operations Division as an acting District Chief. These eventually led to the full time position as a District Chief in 2014. Ryan strived to improve his education and his involvement within the company during this period by joining the Joint Health and Safety Committee, Peer Mentorship Group and the Peer Support Team.

Ryan was promoted to Deputy Chief of Operations in July, 2015. His strong beliefs which mirror the corporations core values of Compassion, Integrity and Accountability, assures him a bright future with Essex-Windsor EMS.

Reporting to the Deputy Chief of Operations are 11 District Chiefs and over 260 paramedics.

Essex-Windsor EMS District Chiefs

The District Chiefs provide 24/7 support and coverage to 260 paramedics within the County of Essex. District Chiefs ensure that all front-line aspects of operations and patient care are put to the forefront.