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By-laws and Enforcement

County of Essex by-laws and enforcement

The County of Essex enforces various county by-laws through education and fines, when required.

The OPP and other local police services enforce County by-laws, such as By-law #26-2002, Regulating Traffic and Parking on County Roads.

The Clerk's Office maintains the by-laws and amendments enacted by Council. County by-laws, dating from 1851 to present can be viewed in our documents archive. The by-law documents provided in the archive are for reference convenience only and may not contain amendments or attachments. To obtain an official version of a by-law or a copy of a by-law that is not in the archive, please contact the Clerk's Office.

We are working on making all of our documents created after January 1, 2012 accessible. However, as a third-party application, our documents archive may not be accessible for use with screen viewers. Please contact us to obtain an alternative format.

By-law enforcement for local municipalities in Essex County

At the local municipalities, some of the most common by-laws requiring investigation and enforcement are:

  • animal control
  • property standards
  • zoning
  • noise
  • licensing

For enforcement of these and other local municipal by-laws, you must contact the by-law enforcement officials for the municipality in which the by-law applies.

The following links will provide you with by-law enforcement information at each of the 7 local municipalities in Essex County: