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Babysitting Safety Tips

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Babysitting Safety Tips

Teach children to play safely by showing them how to use their toys in a safe manner and by teaching them to put their toys away after they're finished playing with them.

Below are some toy dangers everyone should be aware of:

  • Small parts - toys with small removable parts can be swallowed or become lodged in a child's throat, windpipe, ears or nose.
  • Sharp edges - toys made of plastic or glass can be broken easily, leaving dangerous, sharp, cutting edges. Metal toys may have sharp edges as well.
  • Sharp points - broken toys can expose dangerous prongs and knife-like sharp point. Pins and staples on doll's clothes, hair and accessories can easily puncture a child.
  • Loud noises - some noise-making guns and other toys can produce sounds at levels that can damage hearing.
  • Propelled objects - flying toys can be turned into weapons and can injure eyes in particular. Children should never be permitted to play with adult sporting equipment that has sharp points. Arrows or darts used by children should have soft cork tips or rubber suction cups to prevent injury.
  • Electric toys - some may be improperly constructed or wired wrong and can shock or burn a child. Children should use electric toys cautiously and under adult supervision.
  • Cords or strings - toys with long strings or cords may become wrapped around an infant's neck, causing strangulation. Never hang toys with long strings, cords, loops or ribbons in cribs or playpens.