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Our Accessibility Policies


Accessible customer service

Accessible customer service (ACS) is now the law and came into force on January 1, 2008. This means that businesses and organizations that provide goods or services to people are legally required to make their customer service operations accessible to people with disabilities. As a municipality, we were required to comply with the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service by January 1, 2010. The customer service standard is the first in a series of standards that will help lead to a fully accessible Ontario.

Learn more about the County of Essex Accessible Customer Service Policy, Practices and Procedures (PDF)

Vendor Accessible Customer Service training requirement

We require any businesses delivering services on our behalf to train staff on the accessible customer service standard and our Accessible Customer Service Policy, Practices and Procedures. To assist in training your staff, you can access some training resources provided in our Quick Links. You must sign our Accessible Customer Service Training Certificate prior to commencing any work for the County.

Should you have questions about this required training, contact the Accessibility Coordinator.

Integrated Accessibility Standards

The next accessibility standards to be developed, after the accessible customer service standard, were the Information and Communications, Employment, Transportation and Built Environment - Public Spaces, which were all combined under one regulation, the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation. This regulation is now law and the requirements currently in regulation are being phased in between 2011 and 2021.

Learn more about the County of Essex Integrated Accessibility Standard Policy (PDF).

Communication supports and alternative formats

If you require a communication support, such as an American Sign Language interpreter, to participate in a County meeting or event, contact the Accessibility Coordinator.

Our documents are available in alternative formats upon request. If you require an alternative format document, contact the Accessibility Coordinator to advise what format would best accommodate you.