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Applications, Permits and Fees

Partial job application form

County of Essex applications, permits and fees

The current Fees and Charges By-Law which County Council has approved for various permits or special services provided by the County. Our fees and charges are reviewed and updated annually.

The following list, categorized by County department or services area, provides a summary of the most commonly requested applications we receive. This is not a comprehensive list. Contact the appropriate department through our Contact Directory if you require additional information.

County Clerk's office

Essex-Windsor Emergency Medical Services



Local municipal applications, licences and permits

There are a number of services provided by our local municipalities which also require submission of an application for a licence or permit. Each municipality has their own fees associated with their applications, licences and permits.

Check with the municipality you live in for further information on licences and permits in the categories listed below.

  • business licences
  • marriage licences
  • pet licences
  • liquor licences
  • lottery licences
  • building and demolition permits
  • outdoor burn and fireworks permits
  • relief from noise by-law permit
  • local road permits
  • parade permits
  • consent (severance) applications
  • minor variance applications
  • zoning amendment applications
  • site plan control applications
  • local official plan amendment applications
  • plan of subdivision and condo applications
  • nomination papers (municipal election)
  • vacant property tax rebate applications
  • charity property tax rebate applications
  • seniors and persons with disabilities property tax rebate applications
  • recreation facility rental applications
  • birth and death certificates
  • tax certificates and work orders

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all the licences and permits provided by the local municipalities in Essex County. These are just the most commonly requested ones. Not all municipalities issue licences and permits in all of the categories listed.