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Essex Windsor Ambulance Vehicle

Essex-Windsor Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Essex-Windsor Emergency Medical Services (EMS) plays an important role in providing extensive pre-hospital emergency medical care. We provide 24/7 coverage for all of Essex County, City of Windsor and Pelee Island, while treating and transporting over 47,000 patients per year!

Essex-Windsor EMS employs over 260 paramedics and operates out of 12 bases. Our paramedics are college-trained professionals who are highly skilled in all aspects of pre-hospital emergency medicine.

When you call an ambulance, our team of dedicated paramedics work tirelessly to get you the care you need.

Watch the video below to see what your Paramedics are doing for your community, each and every day:

Essex Windsor EMS Paramedics from Delirium Media on Vimeo.

Mission statement

The County of Essex, Essex-Windsor Emergency Medical Services is committed to providing the highest quality emergency medical pre-hospital care to the citizens of the County of Essex, the City of Windsor and the Township of Pelee.

Our purpose is to foster fiscally responsible quality care through:

  • Maintaining mutually supportive relationships with other emergency services and health care agencies in our community.
  • Participating in public education for prevention and awareness.
  • Providing continuous quality improvement to ensure the highest standards are achieved.
  • Supporting our employees and providing them with the tools and methods to accomplish the highest quality of care.

Interesting facts

  • Essex-Windsor EMS is a 24/7 operation
  • Essex-Windsor EMS treats/transports over 47,000 patients each year
  • Our ambulances respond in an area over 1,720 km2 across 7 municipalities, the City of Windsor and Pelee Island
  • Our ambulances travel over 2,250,000 km each year.