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Sun Parlor Home (Long Term Care)

Sun Parlor Home sign

In January 1900, the County of Essex bought Leamington farm property for $4,000. It was to be used to build a Home to care for elderly people. The original Home was an imposing four-storey Victorian style “miniature castle” designed to accommodate 35 residents. Officially registered as the House of Refuge and Industry, the Home operated an industrial farm maintained by the male residents.

The Home has experienced many changes over the years. Major additions to the Home took place in 1955, 1962, 1966 and 1971. In 1992, the present Sun Parlor Home was completed. It has a capacity for 206 residents. The Home, designed with forward-thinking architectural features, caters to the needs of the residents. These features are still being used in newly constructed long term care homes being constructed today. The Home has earned an enduring reputation in the community for its quality services for residents requiring long-term care.

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