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Essex County Warden's Chair

County Warden's ChairThe Essex County Warden’s chair is believed to have been carved in the late 19th century. This carved black walnut chair with red velvet fabric might be described as looking like a throne. The back of it is over 8 feet high.

This chair was used by the County Warden until June of 1947. At that time, it was said that the Warden’s chair was in poor condition and it was removed, along with old printed minutes of County Council meetings and other old items, from the Court House and Municipal Building (now Mackenzie Hall) to make more room.

Mr. C. A. Keeley, the County Clerk at that time, had the Warden’s chair and other items moved to Fort Malden which was a then a community museum.

By 1974, Fort Malden was to be known for its military history. The Warden’s chair and other items of the court house and jail such as gallows, trap doors, leg irons and carved clubs were sent to the Hiram Walker Historical Museum (now called Windsor’s Community Museum).

In November of 2003, Windsor Mayor Michael Hurst had the chair returned to the County of Essex and presented it to Warden Patrick O’Neil at the Warden’s Banquet.

The Warden’s chair is now at the Essex County Civic Centre.