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Essex County Tartan

Essex County Tartan

Mrs. Edythe Bakes of Leamington, Ontario designed the Essex County Tartan in 1983 to show the beauty and wealth of our County.

Mrs. Bakes was born in 1902 and spent her early years near Orillia, Ontario. As a young woman she designed and made her own clothing. Mrs. Bakes and her husband, Arthur Bakes, moved to Essex County where Mr. Bakes became a Branch Manager for the H.J. Heinz Co. in Leamington.

Mrs. Bakes was interested in the history of Canadian tartans and decided to design a tartan for Essex County. She presented it to Essex County Council and it became the official tartan of Essex County. The tartan was then registered with the Canadian government and Museum of Tartans in Scotland.

The 6 colours of the tartan, as described by Mrs. Bakes, represent the following:

  • Golden yellow (sunshine) for the golden harvest grains, corn, soy beans, barley, oats and wheat
  • Green for the spring fields
  • Red for tomatoes, "Tomato Capital of the World", and for other fruits
  • Blue for the blue skies and the waterways
  • Black for the automotive industry
  • White for the salt mines and fish.

If you want to purchase some fabric in the County tartan pattern, contact the Director of Council Services/Clerk.