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Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan

In 2011, the Province of Ontario enacted Ontario Regulation 397/11 - Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan (CDM Plan) - making it necessary for all public agencies to develop energy management plans. Specifically, the regulation requires public agencies to:

  • Prepare, publish (on its website and in printed form) and submit to the Ministry of Energy, the Corporation's energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission data for year 1 of operation (January 2011 to December 2011) by July 1, 2013 and annually thereafter.
  • By July 1, 2019 and every 5 years thereafter publish an update to the original plan that reviews measures implemented.

In addition, they must develop and publish a detailed energy conservation and demand management plan by July 1, 2014, including:

  • A summary of annual energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission;
  • A description of previous, current and proposed measurers for conserving and reducing energy consumption;
  • A forecast of expected results of current and proposed conservation and energy reduction measures.

The CDM Plan addresses the fiscal, societal, and environmental costs and risks associated with energy consumption. Proper energy management will allow the County to:

  • Display leadership
  • Improve the delivery of services
  • Enhance the overall quality of life with respect to the community.

This is consistent with the Corporate vision of meeting today's challenges and preparing for our future.