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Building Management Committee

View the Meeting Calendar for Committee meeting dates, minutes, agendas and reports. For minutes and agendas prior to January 1, 2014 see Document Archives.

Background information

Essex County Civic and Education Centre is owned by the following 4 organizations:

  • The Corporation of the County of Essex
  • Greater Essex County District School Board
  • Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board
  • Essex Region Conservation Authority.

Each owner pays capital and operating costs based on the square footage they have in the building.

The following 3 tenants rent vacant space:

  • Essex Power Corporation
  • Essex County Federation of Agriculture
  • Windsor-Essex-County Health Unit.

The Building Management Committee looks after the operation of the building. The Committee is made up of the following 2 groups:

  • 2 elected officials, and
  • 1 or more appointed staff member(s) from each organization.

The appointed person is a resource person and does not vote. County Council appointed the following 2 councillors to the Committee for the term December 2014 to November 2018:

  • Deputy Warden Ken Antaya
  • Councillor Aldo DiCarlo.

Meeting details


Essex County Civic Centre
360 Fairview Ave W
Essex, Ontario
N8M 1Y6


2 to 3 times per year usually at 4:30 PM.