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Windsor Essex County Housing Advisory Committee

In 2001, the Windsor City Council, in its role as the Consolidated Municipal Service Manager, created the Housing Advisory Committee to serve as an advisory body to City Council on issues relating to:

  • The supply, demand and need for affordable housing units
  • Act as a medium for informational exchange with sector representatives on housing program initiatives and community issues
  • Act as resource and advocate on behalf of all stakeholders to educate and advance the awareness of council representatives on matters pertaining to housing in Windsor and Essex County.

The Housing Advisory Committee is made up of 16 voting members and 8 non-voting resource members. One member of County Council serves as a voting member, along with 1 non-voting resource member. County Council provides a nominee to Windsor City Council, who ultimately appoint the members of the Housing Advisory Committee. The term of Committee membership is established by Windsor City Council and is currently approved to be for the term of Council. A Committee member may be offered and may accept consecutive terms subject to the approval of Windsor City Council.

County Council appointed Councillor Gary McNamara to the Committee for the term of Council - December 2014 to November 2018.

Meeting details

The Housing Advisory Committee meets at the call of the Chair. Meetings are at 9:00 AM or 10:00 AM, at City Hall.