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Meet Your County Council

2014-2018 County Council Members

Essex County Council has 14 members of Council which includes the Warden of the County. Each of the 7 towns directly elects a mayor and deputy mayor. The mayors and deputy mayors make up County Council.

County Council members elect the Warden and Deputy Warden from the mayors and deputy mayors on Council. The current term of Council is for 4 years. It runs from December 1, 2014 to November 30, 2018. The next municipal election will be on Monday, October 22, 2018.

2014 - 2018 County Council members

You will find contact information for each Council member in the contact box below.

County Council Member

Contact Information

Warden Tom Bain

Warden Tom Bain
Mayor, Town of Lakeshore
Home Phone: 519-728-2394
Cell: 519-567-9812
County: 519-776-6441, ext. 1327
Municipal: 519-728-2700, ext.298
Email: Warden Tom Bain

Mayor Ken Antaya

Deputy Warden Ken Antaya
Mayor, Town of LaSalle
Home Phone: 519-972-3543
Cell: 519-563-8883
Email: Mayor Ken Antaya

Aldo DiCarlo - Mayor, Town of Amherstburg

Aldo DiCarlo, Mayor
Town of Amherstburg
Cell: 519-981-2605
Business: 519-253-3000, x2669
Email: Mayor Aldo DiCarlo


Bart DiPasquale, Deputy Mayor, Town of Amherstburg

Bart DiPasquale, Deputy Mayor
Town of Amherstburg
Home Phone: 519-736-4813
Cell: 519-791-2636
Municipal: 519-736-0012
Email: Deputy Mayor Bart DiPasquale

Mayor Ron McDermott

Ron McDermott, Mayor
Town of Essex
Home Phone: 519-776-8150
Cell: 519-791-3561
Municipal: 519-776-7336, x.1150
Email: Mayor Ron McDermott

Deputy Mayor Richard Meloche

Richard Meloche, Deputy Mayor
Town of Essex
Cell: 519-982-2776
Email: Deputy Mayor Richard Meloche

Mayor Nelson Santos

Nelson Santos, Mayor
Town of Kingsville
Home Phone: 519-733-9936
Cell: 519-796-5259
Municipal: 519-733-2305, x313
Email: Mayor Nelson Santos

 Gord Queen, Deputy Mayor, Town of Kingsville

Gord Queen, Deputy Mayor
Town of Kingsville
Home Phone: 519-733-4241
Email:Deputy Mayor Gord Queen

Deputy Mayor Al Fazio

Al Fazio, Deputy Mayor
Town of Lakeshore
Home Phone: 519-728-0490
Cell: 519-567-9958
Business: 519-728-0854
Email: Deputy Mayor Al Fazio

Marc Bondy, Deputy Mayor, Town of LaSalle

Marc A. Bondy, Deputy Mayor
Town of LaSalle
Home Phone: 519-734-8029
Business: 519-734-8001
Email: Deputy Mayor Marc Bondy

Mayor John Paterson

John Paterson, Mayor
Municipality of Leamington
Phone: 519-325-0332 (Home)
Cell: 519-324-8334
Business:  519-325-0332
Email: Mayor John Paterson


 Hilda MacDonald, Deputy Mayor, Municipality of Leamington


Hilda MacDonald, Deputy Mayor
Municipality of Leamington
Phone: 519-326-8035
Email: Deputy Mayor Hilda MacDonald

Deputy Warden Gary McNamara

Gary McNamara
Mayor, Town of Tecumseh
Home Phone: 519-735-6654
Municipal: 519-735-2184, x115
Email: Mayor Gary McNamara

Joe Bachetti, Deputy Mayor, Town of Tecumseh 

Joe Bachetti, Deputy Mayor
Town of Tecumseh
Home Phone: 519-979-3339
Cell: 519-990-2981
Business: 519-727-3393
Email: Deputy Mayor Joe Bachetti