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Chief Administrative Officer
Corporation of the County of Essex
Suite 202
360 Fairview Ave W
Essex, Ontario
N8M 1Y6

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The County of Essex Administration Office is at 360 Fairview Avenue West, Essex, open 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday. The telephone number is 519-776-6441 and extensions can be found under Contact Directory.

The Administration Office is in Suite 202 on the main floor and includes the offices of the Chief Administrative Officer, Director of Council Services/Clerk and the Director of Corporate Services/Treasurer.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

The administration of the County of Essex is led by the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). The CAO gives support and guidance to Council, ensures that the policies and decisions made by Council are followed and informs Council on the operations of the County.

The County departments and County employees report to the CAO.