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Smart Community

Southern Ontario map showing electronic symbol

A Smart Community uses information technology to change life and work within its region. This benefits the community. It attracts local participation and cooperation among:

  • Community
  • Government
  • Industry
  • Education.

The Windsor and Essex County Smart Community, through its Connecting Windsor-Essex activities, improves the lifestyle of the region. Citizens benefit from a community-wide information infrastructure. Smart Communities are also competitive in the business world. They attract commerce as a result of an advanced telecommunications infrastructure.

Benefits of being a smart community member:

Image of a map of the County of Essex and logo for Top 7 Intelligent community of the Year 2011

  • High speed internet access with cost-effective savings
  • Wireless/mobility with unprecedented carrier group rates
  • URL and IP addressing support
  • Involvement with other Intelligent Community members.

Becoming a member of our Smart Community leads to active involvement in the continued evolution of Windsor-Essex into a leading Intelligent Community.


Connecting Windsor-Essex is comprised of a board of directors, a board executive, stakeholders, and consortium members.


Windsor-Essex Development Network (WEDnet) is an optical Regional Advanced Network which delivers high-speed internet connection for health, education, municipal and industrial sectors.