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Sale of Assets and Surplus Lands

Sale of equipment

Surplus equipment and other County owned assets (with the exception of land), are disposed of in accordance with section 9.0 of our Purchasing Policy # 04-002 (PDF). A summary of that section of the policy is outlined in the following 6 points:

  • Disposal of surplus assets is the responsibility of the disposing department in consultation with Corporate Services.
  • When any goods, equipment or inventory stock are deemed surplus, obsolete or not repairable, Corporate Services can transfer the surplus assets to other departments.
  • The asset will be added to the surplus list for disposal if no other use for it can be found.
  • The asset value is determined through trade-in options and/or appraised value. The County will first ask the Essex County municipalities if they wish to purchase the asset (sealed bid process).
  • The disposing department decides on how the surplus asset will be disposed of, if not purchased by a local municipality, in order to get the highest return. This could be either through trade-in or public sale (i.e. sealed bed, public auction, etc.)
  • The sale of surplus assets will go to the highest bidder.

You may visit an online public action site called GovDeals where frequently, our surplus equipment is advertised for sale.

Sale of surplus lands

Occasionally, County Council decides that some lands owned by the County are no longer needed or of use. Council can declare the lands to be surplus and offer the lands for sale. By-law #26-2009 sets out the procedures for the sale of lands owned by the County of Essex. With the exception of a few specific exemptions (see Section 2.4 of By-Law #26-2009), anyone may purchase County-owned land. You may purchase it through tender, bid auction, real estate agent, etc.

You can view notices of surplus lands being offered for sale under News.