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Community Improvement Plan

construction workers building house

What is a Community Improvement Plan?

A community improvement plan is a tool that municipalities can use to address some of the challenges in planning and financing development activities that effectively use, reuse and restore lands, buildings and infrastructure.

Municipalities are now using community improvement plans in more innovative ways, to address issues such as:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Mixed-use and transit/bicycle oriented development
  • Accessibility and the emerging needs of an aging baby-boom generation
  • Incentive for encouraging development that meets environmental standards
  • Attracting certain kinds of employment uses.

Regional community improvement plans can assist in the development of regional infrastructure, including transportation corridors and affordable housing.

Does Essex County have a Community Improvement Plan?

The County of Essex has not adopted a community improvement plan which applies across municipal boundaries, but some of our local municipalities have adopted community improvement plans for certain areas within their boundaries.

The following municipalities in Essex County have Community Improvement Plans:

The Town of Tecumseh is currently in the process of developing a Community Improvement Plan for their commercial core area.