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Artist paints Point Pelee Mural at Sun Parlor Home

Posted on Monday August 13, 2018
Martin Lacasse
Muralist Martin Lacasse stands in front of his Point Pelee mural at Sun Parlor Home in Leamington.

Artist Martin Lacasse is putting the finishing touches on a mural at Sun Parlor Home in Leamington that celebrates life and the beauty of Point Pelee National Park, which celebrated its 100th anniversary earlier this year. He has been working on the mural for three days and continues today and tomorrow.

The mural, which stretches across a long, curved wall on the second floor of the long-term care home, features wildlife, canoeists, the park’s signature boardwalk and, of course, the Monarch Butterfly. Lacasse is using fast-drying acrylic paint and the Trompe-l’oeil technique to bring the canvas to life.

“It’s a virtual world. A mural invites the viewer to participate in the painting,” said Lacasse, 50, a muralist for more than three decades. “A mural breaks all the boundaries and allows the viewer to participate. It lets them fall into the painting without tripping.”

This mural will be the fifth that Lacasse has completed in the home and he’s keen to “add some sunshine” to other walls.

“It’s a morale booster for our residents and our staff and reminds us of positive experiences we’ve had,” said Lynda Monik, Sun Parlor Administrator. “Thinking about those memories and the good times brightens our day and lifts our spirits”

A steady stream of staff members and curious residents have been watching Lacasse work as the painting unfolds in real time before their eyes.

"I'm getting a lot of feedback from the residents here. As I'm painting, I can hear people whispering and their comments and it makes me smile," said Lacasse. 

"As soon as I strike with the colour, there's another emotional response. People get a sense of discovery as they watch the painting develop."