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The County of Essex has implemented a telephone emergency notification system, known by its trade name of Reverse 911, which permits our emergency services and coordinators to notify a large number of affected residents and businesses in specific areas, in the event of incidents such as boil water advisories, chemical spills, fires, floods, etc. The system is based upon computer software that incorporates both digital mapping information and telephone databases. Due to privacy legislation, we currently do not have access to the Bell Canada 911 telephone database and as a result, we are limited to a database developed through existing telephone records and individual subscriptions further verified through municipal sources and testing. Unfortunately, the database does not include unlisted telephone numbers or cellular/wireless numbers for those who use that telecommunication's option as their primary point of contact. The current database also does not include telephone numbers of residents or businesses that subscribe to the Canadian Marketing Association’s Do Not Solicit list.

To ensure that you are notified about emergency events affecting your area, we are requesting all Essex County residents with unlisted numbers, residents who have recently moved and/or received a new telephone number, or residents who feel they might not be included in the database for other reasons, to download a copy of the form (link below - see also Reverse 911 button at bottom of page for online form)  and return it to your Municipal Office, attention Municipal Clerk or to the County of Essex Emergency Management Coordinator at:

360 Fairview Ave W.
Essex, ON  N8M 1Y6.

The information provided will only be used in the event of an emergency and not released to any third party.

It is also important for residents and businesses to understand that Reverse 911 is used in conjunction with other notification and alerting tools, recognizing that no single tool will provide warning to all citizens in all situations. Reverse 911 is a component of the overall emergency notification plan and should not be seen as the only means of emergency notification. The County of Essex, its member municipalities and community support agencies, assume no responsibility if an emergency message cannot be delivered or is not received.

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