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Council Services

Mary Brennan

Mary Brennan, as the Director of Council Services/Clerk, is responsible for the legislated duties of the Clerk that focus upon serving as the secretariat and official communicator for Council. As well as those statutory duties listed in Section 228 of the Municipal Act, 2001, the duties of the Director of Council Services/Clerk, include Acting as a Commissioner of Oaths for the swearing of Affidavits for internal and external documents; assisting the Chief Administrative Officer, County Council, and Committees of Council by providing policy advice, investigating issues, researching material, compiling data, and preparing reports as required; overseeing the provision of administrative support provided to Council members including co-ordination of convention and travel arrangements, maintaining attendance and mileage records, and preparation of Council payment vouchers; and overseeing the planning and organization of Council activities including receptions and banquets hosted by the Warden and County Council.

The constant change within the jurisdiction of local government has, however, caused an evolution in the responsibilities of the Clerk beyond conventional duties and responsibilities. The office of the Municipal Clerk has emerged to become more broadly responsible for ensuring an "open and public" local government, becoming the primary link between Council, and interested and/or affected ratepayers and stakeholders.