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Our Role in Accessibility

The County plays a significant role in promoting the removal of barriers to accessibility for anyone living in our community. The Essex County Accessibility Advisory Committee assists Council in achieving their accessibility goals.

Involvement of Essex County Accessibility Advisory Committee (ECAAC)

Multi- Year Accessibility Plan

The Essex County Accessibility Advisory Committee assists in developing and updating the multi-year Accessibility Plan for the County. The plan identifies barriers to municipal practices and services, and recommends solutions for their removal. We encourage you to review the plans and provide input about barriers that may exist in our municipal services, programs and practices. The 2013-2017 Municipal Accessibility Plan outlines the projects and initiatives we will undertake to ensure we are in compliance with the Integrated Accessibility Standards.

Newsletter - AAC YAK

The Essex County Accessibility Advisory Committee recognizes the importance of keeping people informed about local accessibility initiatives. One way we hope to promote the sharing of information is through a newsletter focusing on the types of accessibility initiatives that are being undertaken throughout the region. We hope that this newsletter can help to keep all the local accessibility advisory committees connected and inspired.

We are open to any comments and suggestions that you may have. Please feel free to contribute articles for the next publication of "AAC YAK" at any time by forwarding them to Accessibility Services.

2015 Edition of AAC YAK Newsletter

Copies of the current and prior year editions of the AAC YAK Newsletters are available online or in alternative formats upon request.

National Access Awareness WeekAccess awareness week staff shooting basketball

National Access Awareness Week was established in 1988 to promote better access for people with disabilities. The week was created in response to a request from Rick Hansen, following his 40,000 km Man in Motion World Tour. Held at the end of May, it celebrates achievements made both by and for people with disabilities. Look for annual events for National Access Awareness Week on this website in the spring.

Accessibility Workshop

The Essex County Accessibility Advisory Committee hosts an annual Accessibility Workshop - Opening Doors and Minds. Learn more about the speakers and how to register for this year's workshop.